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Why Family Law Center

Family Law Center transforms the experience of divorce and co-parenting to one that is constructive, straightforward, and above all, satisfactory. Those seeking a divorce or custody attorney or mediator can expect:

  • Meaningful and Satisfying Conflict Resolution
  • Versatile Legal Support and Professional Advice
  • Compassionate and Nonjudgemental Approach

We encourage mediation and collaborative co-parenting to applicable and interested parties for the significant and practical advantages associated with these solutions. If you have a complex custody case or financial concerns, our team has the skill and experience to advise you. And if you are doing your own divorce, we can help you complete required paperwork and answer your questions.

We also offer help with:
  • Paternity and out-of-state custody issues
  • Legal separation and domestic partnership dissolution
  • Post-judgment support modifications and division of retirement
We work with families, for families.

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