Carol F. Delzer

President & Senior Mediator/Collaborative Attorney, Certified Family Law Specialist

Carol has extensive experience and education in negotiation and conflict resolution, including over 30 years’ experience in creating “win-win” agreements as a real estate broker with an extensive knowledge of tax and finance. Her background is a tremendous asset to her clients during divorce negotiations; it allows her to recognize each person’s point of view, explore the alternatives thoroughly, and guide the opposing parties to an equitable resolution. In addition to being a certified family law specialist, Carol is a licensed marriage family therapist and author. Her latest book is 8 Weeks to Collaborative Co-Parenting for Divorcing Parents.

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Mark F. Johannessen


Mark has practiced civil, business and tax law since 1983, and exclusively family law since 1993. With an extensive business and financial background, Mark is qualified to represent clients in complex property and financial dissolution cases using a cooperative, respectful, and professional approach to conflict resolution.

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Jaime L. Kissinger


Jaime L. Kissinger is dedicated to the practice of family law. Her passion for law began as a young adult, and further grew when she attended law school. While in law school, Jaime was given the opportunity to work for several family law firms, where she developed the desire to exclusively practice family law. She honed her expertise while employed by a private law firm dedicated to assisting self-represented litigants with their family law matters. She increased her knowledge of the court system when she held an externship at the Yolo County Family Law Facilitator’s Office. Understanding the difficult legal and emotional nature of divorce and other family law matters, Jaime uses her experience to effectively address her client needs.

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