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Children’s Ages, Needs, and Developmental Stages              Children’s abilities and needs are not the same at four as they are at thirteen. They grow and change. These changes take place in known developmental stages that are fairly predictable, although the exact age these...... Read more

Divorce Process Options Once you have decided to divorce, the option you select regarding how you will get your divorce is probably the single most significant choice you will make. In a traditional divorce, each party retains an attorney and the attorneys negotiate the divorce, either...... Read more

A Timely Divorce Even the decision of when to proceed with the divorce will create very different choices and outcomes. When a couple can communicate well enough at the time of breakup to make decisions together respectfully and cooperatively, they are in the best frame of mind to proceed....... Read more

In a divorce mediation session, a mediator facilitates discussion between the parties by helping them communicate and by providing information and suggestions to help resolve differences.  At the end of the mediation process, the separating parties have typically developed a tailored divorce...... Read more

Child support is a monthly payment to cover the day-to-day expenses of child/children. Both parents are financially responsible for their children, and the court may order either or both of the parents to pay Child support, based upon each parents' income, and the percentage of time each parent...... Read more

When getting a divorce, people have a lot a questions they need answered. You also need to make some choices based on your situation such as how you and your spouse want to approach divorce. Many factors are involved such as are you and your spouse on good speaking terms or not? Are you willing to...... Read more

Divorce matters are best handled by experienced attorneys who are highly focused, and dedicated to protecting your rights and financial security. At Family Law Center our attorneys always seek to resolve divorce, child custody, and family law issues peacefully, but when the opposition decides to...... Read more

Child Custody includes two different kinds of custody:  Legal Child Custody and Physical Child Custody.  Let’s start with the definition of each: Legal custody is the decision-making process about the children's health, education, and welfare. Physical custody is where the children are going...... Read more

Psychological studies rate divorce as one of life’s highest stressors along with death of a loved one or a critical illness.  But these studies fail to tell you how to make it different.   Divorce has the unique quality of allowing you to make some choices—unlike death, which is final and...... Read more

A divorce action plan should include many things but most of all it should be well thought through. Divorce Action plan One:  Determine if your marriage is really over. This is the time to take heart with your spouse to ask have both of you done all you can do or all you are going to do to save...... Read more

When going through a divorce, you and your spouse will be required to complete a preliminary and possibly a final "declaration of disclosure". Sometimes, the final declaration of disclosure may be waived. At some point during the divorce process (usually very early in the process), at least the...... Read more

California Law states that divorces are on a No Fault basis. The divorce is then filed with the grounds for divorce as “Irreconcilable Differences.”    The grounds for divorce irreconcilable differences is preprinted on the Petition for Divorce and you just check the box, no further...... Read more

 There are many ways to divide real estate in a divorce Here are some of the Common Questions we are asked about Real Estate or the Family Residence in Divorce. Q: Who gets the Family Residence? There are three common possibilities.  The first two are that either you or your spouse will...... Read more

When couples marry they often bring to the marriage separate assets they had before marriage.  One of the most common assets is a residence.  When the couple now married makes payments on the separate asset of one spouse from earnings the community begins to acquire an interest in the separate...... Read more

  When a couple divorces, the court looks at the best way to divide both party's debts as well as their assets. Just as there are community and individual assets, there can be community and individual (separate) debts. For example, if one spouse takes out a student loan to pay for their...... Read more