Divorce Mediation Services for Santa Clara and Monterey

The Role of the Mediator

If you and your spouse are interested in having an objective outside party help you reach an agreement on your legal issues, then you want to participate in a process known as divorce mediation. During mediation, you work together to discuss details and make decisions with an attorney-mediator present. He or she will help you stay focused during your discussions and will offer suggestions when you reach an impasse.

While the mediator is a licensed California attorney, he or she does not represent you like an individual attorney does. When acting as a mediator, he or she is completely neutral and does not take sides.

How the Process Works

By choosing mediation, you and your spouse agree to meet with the divorce mediator in a private, but neutral, location. You should be prepared to share information and documents that will help you put your differences aside and resolve your conflict in a non-threatening way. During these sessions, your mediator will explain how the law relates to your situation and discuss things like child or spousal support (if applicable) as well as property distribution. The process is designed so that you and your spouse can jointly come to an agreement rather than requiring attorneys to present your case before a judge.

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How Divorce Mediation Can Help You

  • Learn the law from an experienced, objective party
  • Save money on your legal costs
  • Reduce stress by working through your disagreements
  • Eliminate court appearances
  • Retain a respectful attitude toward your spouse
  • Make decisions jointly
  • Proceed at a quicker pace that both of you determine
  • Benefit in the long run from keeping things courteous and respectful
  • Learn how to work together when establishing parenting objectives
  • Design a plan to benefit everyone, especially your kids

What a Divorce Mediator Does and Why You Still Need Your Own Attorney

Since the mediator doesn’t represent you or your spouse specifically, it’s a good idea to hire your own attorney to discuss complex matters, like tax issues, property valuation, or simply to review your legal documents. The Santa Cruz mediator will make sure all court documents are properly prepared. The type of documents needed varies, so your mediator will guide you and make sure everything is handled appropriately.

Costs and Fees for Divorce Mediation

Some services are charged by the hour, such as mediation fees, while others, like preparing a legal document, are charged at a flat rate. One of the benefits of working with a mediator is that you only pay for services as needed (no need for an advance retainer). Contact our office to schedule an initial consultation at a reduced fee to find out if mediation is right for you.

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