The best legacy divorcing parents can leave their children is to be civil with each other and communicate respectfully with each other during their divorce and beyond. Typically, communicating respectfully helps facilitate the divorce process. This may seem like a pipe dream, but it is possible. Most people do not want to fight and do not want to spend money unnecessarily that they now need to support two households and their children. By making the choice early to work together, you will set the standard for co-parenting in the best interest of your children and spare them from added tension and grief.

It’s common for divorcing couples to feel anger and pain at the beginning of the divorce process, but it’s important to understand that California is a “no-fault” divorce state. That means that whatever your spouse did during your marriage has no bearing on the outcome of your case, except under certain circumstances where child custody and visitation are at issue.

Because raising children together during and after a divorce can be difficult, Family Law Center has a new co-parent education program available to all their clients. It is a convenient online program that clients can use in the privacy of their own homes at no charge.