BudgetDivorce Mediation


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When expert information or advice is needed in an adversarial divorce, each attorney hires an expert to issue an opinion, and, if necessary, testify in court. In the end, the couple pays for two expert opinions.

When an expert is needed in mediation or some other alternative divorce process, the mediator or attorney may give the divorcing couple a few names. The couple then interviews the experts and agrees on one they will mutually employ to give an opinion.

Different experts may be necessary depending on the subject area being discussed. For example, it is not unusual for an expert opinion to be necessary to appraise the marital and premarital portions of a retirement plan. Most people need to have their home appraised to determine the fair market value asking their expert to give an honest, neutral value, neither high nor low. Sometimes an expert can give a range of value and clients can negotiate a fair value that they can both agree to.

The financial benefits of utilizing neutral experts, instead of battling these issues out in court, are obvious and can be substantial.

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