Local residents may have seen this recent Bee article about how budget cuts are affecting service at family law courts. Bottom line: with court staff downsizing, the general public can expect to wait in even longer lines and experience greater delays when filing documents with the court.

There are time-saving alternatives to a do it yourself divorce that don’t have to break the bank. The Family Law Center can help you with an affordable divorce, allowing you to move on without the stress and frustration of handling it on your own.

What services do we offer?

  •   Preparation and filing of all necessary court documents.
  •   Custody Agreement with a workable co-parent plan.
  •   Property Division with creative solutions. (inc. division of retirements)
  •   Child and Spousal Support Agreement utilizing state of the art software.
  •   Preparation and filing of all necessary court documents.
  •   Qualified Domestic Relations Orders dividing pensions.
  •   Final Dissolution Judgments.
  •   Marital Settlement Agreements.

Have you read “Divorce on a Budget”? It provides an overview on how to minimize the cost and stress of a divorce.

Consider mediating your divorce to avoid delays and confusion at the courts.