California Law states that divorces are on a No Fault basis. The divorce is then filed with the grounds for divorce as “Irreconcilable Differences.”    The grounds for divorce irreconcilable differences is preprinted on the Petition for Divorce and you just check the box, no further explanation for why the marriage ended is needed or wanted. California is not alone all most every state in the United States has gone to a No Fault divorce. Some states use the terms irremediable breakdown, irretrievable breakdown, or incompatibility, but they are all intended to mean the same thing, no fault will be determined to obtain a divorce.

Wikipedia describes “Irrevocable Differences as, any sort of difference between the two parties that either cannot be changed or an individual does not want to change.”

For many people the concept of “No Fault” has been a difficult concept to understand.  Many a divorcing spouse feels a need and wants to tell why the marriage failed.  Many feel that the reason the marriage failed is so very important that they cannot imagine how the divorce can be completed with out some explanation of what happened to the marriage.  How can years of work on a marriage relationship just end without any explanation?

My experience has shown me that when a person needs to tell the history of the marriage breakdown and they are not given that opportunity the divorce process can be prolonged or the conflict increases.  Often this frustration results in higher divorce costs.

Carol Delzer is a licensed Marriage Family Law Therapist as well as a Certified Family Law specialist.  She has an abundant net work of family therapists and divorce coaches who work together with her and her clients so that when challenges like this arise they can be resolved the opportunity for clients to express these feelings but learn who to express them to and how to use them to their benefit not detriment.  Carol also recommends a divorce support group such as

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