When getting a divorce, people have a lot a questions they need answered. You also need to make some choices based on your situation such as how you and your spouse want to approach divorce. Many factors are involved such as are you and your spouse on good speaking terms or not? Are you willing to work out your differences together? Is there a lot of anger/hurt that you cannot put aside? Do you need counseling? What is your financial situation? How is your child/children handling the separation?

At Family Law Center we approach divorce with an attitude of making your divorce as cost effective as possible, with compassion and to try to reduce the stress of what is already a difficult situation. These are just some of the ways “Divorce Done Differently” is all about.

No one is saying that Divorce is easy, but it doesn’t have to be more difficult than it already is. Having the right attorney to help you with your divorce and help you work through the issues that will arise will make the process easier for you.  If you have children, having the right attorney to help you maintain focus on your children and guide you through child support and child custody decisions will take a huge burden off of you so that you are better able to be the best you can be for them.