Completion and filing of family law forms can be challenging.  The necessary family court forms in the required format must be submitted or it can result in rejection of your court forms:

Here are a few tips on completing family court divorce documents.

1. Be sure to use the correct divorce court forms.

2. Current court form – California family law court forms are updated periodically, so be sure before you file it there has not been an updated version of the form.

3. Some counties in California have local family court forms, which are required . Check your local family court rules, which can usually be found online at the courts web site.

4. The family law legal terminology can sometimes be difficult to understand. Read the family court document carefully and be sure you understand what you are asking for.

5. Be sure to submit the forms to the family court in a timely manner. Failure to timely file a response could result in the family court refusing to hear your side.

6. Serving the other party properly and/or not filing the appropriate Proof of Service form with the family court can result in delays. As with Summons forms, there are many different Proof of Service forms out there, and if you complete the wrong one, it will be rejected by the family court.

“Housekeeping” issues before you file your family court forms at the family law courthouse:

1. Did you date and sign your original family court documents?

2. Did you make copies?  I recomend you bring to court an original and two copies.

3. Do you have cash or a check for the family law court filing fees?  Or do you qualify for a fee waiver?

These are just a few of the common challenges people experience when trying to do their own divorce documents. Family court and completing family court forms can be confusing and overwhelming.