Nobody doubts that divorce is a difficult process that is highly emotional. The outcome of divorce can drastically affect both parties as they move forward with their future. Our experience has shown that avoiding these mistakes during the family law divorce process can have a significant positive impact on your future.

1. Letting your emotions get the best of you. A family law divorce is an emotionally charged situation. Many forget to use logic and let their emotions rule their actions. They end up making unrealistic demands or don’t allow for any negotiation or compromise. Try not to focus on the small issues.

2. Not knowing your finances. If you are contemplating divorce, gather all of the financial records for both you and your spouse including: bank records, investments, life insurance policies, debts, etc. You will need to obtain this information in order to proceed with your legal divorce process anyway and it will help you and your attorney evaluate your financial future.

3. Not separating your accounts or finances. Why is this important? If husband is responsible for paying off a credit card in both parties names and he fails to make payment, it will affect your credit. Insist on dividing retirement accounts within a set time frame after entry of Judgment of the divorce. If you wait until your former spouse is retired to obtain your share, who knows if it will still be there to divide?

4. Having unrealistic expectations or demands. Be aware that most of the time both parties will have to compromise and that you may not get everything that you want. If you want the family law divorce process to move forward smoothly, don’t insist on having it your way and instead work together with your attorney to problem solve.