Work Change Marriage Breakdown

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Anthony Scaramucci and his wife have filed for Divorce. Scaramucci is the new White House communication director. He has been prominent in the news over the last week since joining Trump’s White House. Scaramucci, 53, has been married to his wife Deidre Ball for three years. They have two children.  Scaramucci and Ball once worked together at Scaramucci’ s former hedge fund business.

Often a big change in a person’s work life or loss of a job will lead to a breakdown in a marriage. When you add public scrutiny about one spouse or both it only increases the already difficult pressure from other factors and can break a marriage. Marital political differences can also put tremendous conflict and pressure on a marriage. Maintaining a loving supportive marriage when faced with differences or under pressure from other sources can be challenging. Seeking marital counseling during these times is more important than ever. But if you have tried and are ready to call it quits on your marriage, coming apart does not have to be difficult. You can approach divorce in a cooperative manner.

If you or your spouse are considering divorce contact the Family Law Center to discuss “Divorce Done Easier.”

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