“What?!? You’re saying I am supposed to cooperate with my ex now?!?”

Yes.  If you want a divorce that is easier, less painful and more likely to set you and your family up positively for the future, you must understand that your marriage was a partnership. If you cooperatively dissolve the financial aspects of your marriage partnership, you will pave the way for becoming “parent partners” which we will talk about in future blogs. You actually need to team up and cooperate with the person you are divorcing to get the divorce itself right. It’s an odd twist of fate, isn’t it? You now need to form a decent working relationship with the person who is leaving you or whom you are leaving. It’s not easy. But if you remain open and willing to dissolve the marriage partnership cooperatively, not only will the outcomes of your divorce be more thoughtful and mutually beneficial, you’ll find that releasing your old life and creating a solid future will come more naturally and quickly.