Why should you trust me?   I’ve been there and done that—and even got the t-shirt! It was my own divorce many years ago that inspired me to find less brutal ways to dissolve a marriage both legally and emotionally. I became a family law attorney with a specialty in divorce mediation and collaborative practice. And, knowing that the psychological or emotional side of divorce is equally as important as the legal side, I earned my Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. I also limited my law practice to only Family Law and took a second bar exam to become a Certified Family Law Specialist, a designation given to me from the State Bar of California. My website contains a detailed Curriculum Vitae.

I have helped over a thousand couples divorce and have wit- nessed the full gamut of financial circumstances, personality types, and causes for the separation, clients of all ages and ethnicities, and family dynamics. In 90% of these cases they were able to create a mutually acceptable Divorce through a process that was respectful, non-adversarial and much less expensive than so-called “normal” divorce proceedings.

Usually in the beginning of the process, these clients were anxious and uncertain, struggling to figure out just how life would look after divorce. But by the time everything was finalized, the vast majority of them felt confident and empowered.

You can too.

Like my professional background, the book Divorce Done Easier focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of divorce as well as your options for the legal process. Why? Because, if you’re in a rotten place emotionally, you cannot make good decisions. And if you make bad decisions, it will be tough for you to recover emotionally and financially from the dissolution. The two go hand in hand.

When you visit me at my law office Family Law Center, APC in Sacramento you will receive a Free Copy of my book Divorce Done Easier.

I look forward to assisting you soon.