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About Carol Delzer’s Family Law Mediation Serices 

Carol Delzer Mediator-Attorney

Carol Delzer is a leading Divorce Mediation Law firm, providing experienced family law mediation services to couples.

Carol Delzer, Mediator-Attorney-LMFT assists couples in resolving their family law issues professionally and as cost efficiently as possible.

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Mission Statement:

“To serve in a compassionate and professional manner. Carol’s goal is to change the way people obtain a divorce or co-parent plan. She helps couples resolve conflict in a meaningful and satisfying way through Mediation.


Carol Delzer’s Law Firm

was founded in 1991 by Carol Delzer, Attorney-Mediator, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Author of 3 books on Divorce and Parenting, and Real Estate Broker. Carol Delzer can be trusted with her knowledge and experience, combined with over 30 years of Family Law Mediation experience, providing a sound alternative way to go through the divorce process or resolve family law issues, embodying “Divorce Done Differently” and “Divorce Done Easier.” Experience counts in family law matters.
Carol’s  practice is solely mediation. An important part of Carol’s approach is to help couples find new ways to manage and resolve conflict. Carol prides herself on providing quality family law mediation services and collaborative practice.
Through her commitment, experience, and expertise, Carol Delzer has established a professional reputation for service, integrity and experience.
Carol Delzer serves mediation clients throughout Northern California

Mediation is most definitely worth your time.
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