What is a Divorce Coach and Do I need One?
A Divorce Coach can serve many roles within the divorce. They are most commonly thought of as emotional support but depending on their training, they can do so much more than that.
Some Divorce Coaches specialize in the challenges related to co parenting.  They can work with one or both parties to develop plans that resolve parenting issues.
Other coaches help more with communication and how to approach divorce negotiations while others coach on healing from the relationship and moving on.
Divorce can be extremely painful, especially when it is beyond your control. Counseling can help divorcing individuals heal wounds and recognize the opportunities that lie ahead. Spending time with a therapist working through the emotional aspects of the divorce can also help when it comes time to deal with the legal issues of the divorce, making the process more efficient and cost effective. Counseling can also be a very effective tool in working towards an amicable parenting plan for the benefit of the children.
Most coaches are skilled at helping you separate your emotions from the decisions that need to be made to move forward. Having someone give you that clarity is incredibly valuable. Here are some reasons you might want to consider reaching out to a Divorce Coach:

  • You’re so fearful about your future that you can’t make decisions
  • You have no idea what you’re going to do when the divorce is final
  • You’re very angry and are trying to use your divorce to get revenge
  • You’re not familiar with the legal process and would like someone to hold your hand through it
  • You’re not thinking clearly and it’s making it very hard to make any decisions
  • You are struggling to figure out a parenting plan that’s going to work
  • You are struggling to figure out how you will co-parent