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Child Care costs are a factor included in child support calculations.
One way to keep the costs of child care to a  minimal is through a Cooperative Coparenting agreement.
Parents who work cooperatively together to determine a parent plan, taking advantage of each parents off work schedule, will keep child care costs down and benefit the child’s best interest. 

How surging child care costs are hurting capital families

Average cost of child care for infants is up 16% from 2012

RENÉE C. BYER rbyer@sacbee.comRacquel A. Payton says she struggles to pay for daycare for her 1-year-old son Yahir in Sacramento. The average annual cost of full-time care for an infant at a Sacramento County licensed child care center was about $14,200, or $1,187 per month, in 2018, up about 16% from 2012.

RENÉE C. BYER rbyer@sacbee.comRacquel A. Payton checks information for her second job at DoorDash as she walks her son Yahir to daycare from her apartment.

RENÉE C. BYER rbyer@sacbee.comRacquel Payton said both her parents have died, so she has little family support here in Sacramento.

RENÉE C. BYER rbyer@sacbee.com“My life goal was to move away from the environment I grew up in. I grew up in the hood so I don’t want to take my son back there to live. I was exposed to a lot at a young age and I’m trying my best to protect my son from that,” said Racquel A. Payton, 30, while nursing her son Aug. 20.

RENÉE C. BYER rbyer@sacbee.comPayton’s licensed child care provider charges $800 a month, which she acknowledges is “really good.”

RENÉE C. BYER rbyer@sacbee.com

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