Child Custody

Confidential Child Custody Mediation

Many Changes – Many Questions
As divorcing parents or separating partners, you may feel confused and overwhelmed by the decisions you face regarding caring for your children and managing finances. These questions arise when mutual trust is low and communication may be poor. And just like you, your children have questions, such as:
“Where will we live?”
“Will I still see both of you?”
“Who will take care of me?”

As a family, you may feel as if your world has been turned upside down. At a time when children need certainty, they are often swept into the uncertainty of their parents’ breakup, so keeping them out of the crossfire is vital.

The Benefits of a Neutral Confidential Environment

Carol Delzer at Family Law Center offers a confidential neutral setting where, as parents, you can plan for your children’s care and discuss your shared responsibilities. Working together with Carol as your mediator-attorney, you can resolve legal and physical custody issues and decide how you will share your children’s time and parenting duties. Working with Carol Delzer who is a mediator-attorney  you can also address financial issues like child support in your confidential mediation session as well as have her file with the family court any agreed court stipulations.

Reaching a Mutual Agreement … In Writing

Carol will help you develop your own written parenting plan, which describes how decisions will be made (Legal Custody) and when the children will be with each parent (Physical Custody). The Physical Custody plan, or time-sharing schedule, includes a regular schedule as well as one for holidays and vacations. It will also include co-parent and other agreements that relate to the care and responsibility of your children. When you reach an agreement Carol as your mediator-attorney can prepare a legally binding stipulation and court order to be filed with the family court in your county.

Mediation is most definitely worth your time.
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