Child Custody

What Co-parent style do you want for your children?

How to become Parent Partners and a Co-Parent
Some couples find coparenting is easy while others struggle to even remain civil with the other parent. Fortunately we have many more role models today showing parents how to coparent in the best interests of their children. Forming a Successful Parenting Partnership for the benefit of your children will also benefit you.

Here are some agreements I recommend you make in your parent partnership:

  • We will not argue in front of our children
  • We will not say degrading remarks about each other in front of our children
  • We will ask our families and friends to avoid saying degrading things about either parent to our children
  • Our children will not be used to transmit messages or money
  • We will notify each other if either of us is going to be more than 15 minutes late during a drop off or pick up
  • We will keep our word about parenting when we say we will do something
  • We will both accommodate necessary schedule changes due to work or other urgent matters
  • We agree to honor each others differences as long as it does not interfere with the children’s safety
  • We agree top do our best in parenting and co-parenting

Leader in Co-Parent Plan Mediated Agreements

Keeping your children out of the crossfire of a relationship breakup or divorce is important because the entire family is under great stress. Children often become the innocent victims of this difficult experience. At a time when they need certainty, children are often swept into the uncertainty of their parents’ breakup.

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