Experience and knowledge are the most important qualities to look for in a Divorce Mediator.
A divorce mediator is neutral third party.  It is best to find a divorce mediator who is both a divorce lawyer and a therapist, as they have the most qualifications to be a good divorce mediator.
During divorce mediation, it is important that each party feels comfortable expressing themselves and understood by the divorce mediator attorney.  For a successful outcome in divorce mediation, the parties must participate in good faith, integrity, and with a willingness to work together.
An important conflict resolution skill and divorce mediation technique is knowing how to select language that will de-escalate a conflict. Seasoned divorce mediators can help parties by reframing their words and providing words and phrases that work well in conflict resolution and reaching a divorce agreement while others can make matters worse during divorce.  Words which inflame, imply a bias, or offend are best avoided by a divorce mediator.  On the other hand, certain phrases tend to have a positive effect for the parties going through a divorce.  For instance, framing an unresolved issue as “something to be worked on” is more effective than characterizing it as a “dispute.”
A divorce mediator is responsible for balancing the power or helping to even the playing field.  Making sure that neither spouse during the divorce mediation process overpowers the other with emotional or financial control is critical in the divorcing process.  Good divorce mediators can ascertain the divorcing spouses underlying interest versus their exterior positions and address that interest while keeping the playing field level. No one wants or likes to be taken advantage of.  It’s a divorce mediator’s responsibility to help make sure both parties are being fair and equitable with each other.  Having a well-trained, experienced mediator helps ensure that this can happen.
Carol F. Delzer is a Divorce Mediation Expert.  She has been meditating family law matters for 30 years. Carol uses her experience, background and skills to create win-win agreements.
Carol has prepared and processed over 1500 mediated divorce settlement agreements.  Clients benefit greatly both emotionally and financially with her years of experience in using her stream lined divorce mediation process.
Carol prepares and processes all the family law court required documents for a dissolution of marriage in the privacy of her office and clients Do Not have to go to Court.