Divorce Settlement Sacramento

How to obtain a Divorce Settlement

How to obtain a Divorce Settlement

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)

A Marital Settlement Agreement also referred to as MSA is an agreement between divorcing spouses that finalizes all legal issues of the marriage. The MSA includes how all assets and debts will be divided (what assets and debts are community versus separate); if you have children, how you will share their time (the co-parenting plan); and support based on many factors.

From Conflict to Resolution

When a marriage breaks down and divorce becomes the only option couples are generally at their worst for resolving conflict. Emotions are running high, defensive reactions are intensified at the time of divorce and you have a sure recipe for potential disaster not the ideal setting for resolving conflict and finding agreement.
The definition of conflict includes wars, differences in philosophy, opposing goals, even internal psychological struggles- and everything in between.
Although conflict in divorce can be highly emotional and runs the full gamut from internal struggles to opposing desires or objectives, with the help of a professional you can move through this difficult time into an agreement – a full marital settlement agreement. But don’t try to get their on your own. You don’t know what you don’t know! You need an expert to help you through this.
I have had years of experience in helping divorcing couples through this difficult time. I have written and processed over 1000 divorce settlement agreements.
My Divorce Mediation services include; helping you identify, determine, and disclose all your assets and debts, what is separate or community; how to divide the assets and debts with financial and tax considerations; how to determine a parenting plan in your children’s best interest, and what if any is a fair support agreement. I will help you reach a full marital settlement agreement, that is well thought through and well informed before you sign it.
Divorce can be an emotionally draining experience, and most divorcing spouses prefer that the process be as expedient and inexpensive as possible.

Mediation is most definitely worth your time.
We can put our experience in your court. Contact us today!