Wife confer privately on the phoneAre you a concerned family member, friend or co-worker? Are you trying to find family law answers for the person you care about? While it may be your intention to help, sometimes the best help is handing the phone number, email or website to the person in need of divorce advice or family law information. During that initial phone call to fit the situation to the best family law attorney, there will be a series of personal questions that you may not have or feel comfortable sharing. Remember, you may only have what your loved one chose to share with you. Now, we understand that sometimes the potential client is not ready to make that first move toward a divorce, maybe they are stressed or intimidated to seek family law advice on their own. A good way to help would be to sit with them during that first call or e-mail.
If you still find yourself picking up the phone to make that inquiry for a friend, let the person on the other line know right away. Only get information regarding the services offered and some attorney availability for your loved one. Do not make an appointment on someone else’s behalf, more times often than not the potential client fails to show or was simply not ready to begin the process.