Father’s Rights – Throughout the years, fathers from all over the country have been fighting for equal rights within the Family Court System. The Fathers’ rights movement, resulted from the 1960s and 70s, during a time of high divorce rates, and a time when many fathers were left with unjust court orders regarding access to their children and support payments. Members of this movement seek to address a bias towards mother’s rights, which they feel is present in many family law courts. This contested bias, if present, can have long-term impacts on a father’s relationship with his child, and as a result, can have lasting negative effects on a child’s development and well-being.
Recent studies have shown that a fatherless household can have countless negative impacts on the children. Children who have meaningful contact with BOTH a mother and a father are less likely to:

  • Drop out of school;
  • Run away from home;
  • Commit crimes; and
  • Create and engage in abusive relationships.

Fathers’ apart of the movement are driven by a uniform goal to have more fathers recognized as nurturing and compassionate in the eyes of the court. A recent documentary, The Red Pill, follows the Men’s Rights Movement and explores issues within the gender war today. Cassie Jaye, the director of the film, explores fathers’ rights within family court and the discrepancies that exist between mothers and fathers during child custody and support battles. One advocate for fathers’ rights argued that in many Family Court’s, mothers have an automatic right to their children, whereas fathers must fight for the right to their children. Altogether, fathers deserve a system that will give them a fair and equitable opportunity, and representation that will fight for their paternal rights.
While you may not be able to govern biases present in the court room, by hiring an impartial mediator  you can receive the opportunity to be heard the way you deserve.
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