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  • You are not seeing your children as much as you would like to.
  • Grieving the loss of your marital partner.
  • Fear around money including having to pay the other party child support.
  • Or you may fear how you will support your children and how to obtain child support.
  • You may be trying to figure out where you will live.
  • How you will pay spousal support, and still support yourself.
  • Or you need spousal support to support yourself.
  • You are concerned about how to divide your property and debts.
  • Or concerned about how you will pay your family law attorney.

Here are some tips on how to make at least one relationship flow smoothly, the relationship with your Family Law Attorney:

  1. Prior to your meeting with your family law attorney prepare for the meeting;
  2. Bring a copy all your court documents with you when you meet with your family law attorney;
  3. Make a list of the immediate issues to be sure to ask your divorce & family law attorney;
  4. Look for a family law attorney who wants to help you settle your case not start a war;
  5. Use your time wisely when you are with your family law attorney, to keep your attorney costs down;
  6. Make a list of your assets and debts to share with your divorce & family law attorney;
  7. When your family law attorney asks for your bank or credit card statements make a copy for the attorney;
  8. Take notes in your meeting with your family law attorney of the advice you are receiving and what is being requested of you, it is a stressful time and it is easy to forget or confuse things;
  9. If your family law attorney asks you to review court documents or an agreement, take time to review it carefully, if you don’t understand it, highlight the parts you do not understand and ask your family law attorney to review these with you;
  10. When you are concerned about something write it down and keep a list of questions and concerns you need to ask your family law attorney, rather than calling frequently with one question at a time;
  11. Build a support team to help you get through this difficult time;
  12. Marriage Family Counselors and Divorce Coaches are often a better place to discuss the stress and anxiety of the divorce with than family law attorneys, they cost less and are often better at helping divorcing clients with stress and can help you better communicate your needs.