Legal Separation

Sacramento Legal Separation Attorney-Mediator

A legal separation is often the first step during the uncoupling process. If you and your spouse are not yet ready to call it quits on your marriage, but know the relationship needs to end in its current state, a Legal Separation is a supportive option. It may also be a good alternative to divorce for many reasons.

Reasons to Consider a Legal Separation:

  • Marital relationship problems
  • Religious reasons
  • Medical insurance
  • Financial reasons
  • Family issues
  • Tax issues
  • Other miscellaneous issues

When you obtain a legal separation, you and your spouse will remain married but the court can divide property and issue orders relating to child custody, parent plan visitation, child support, spousal support, and, if necessary, a restraining order. If you decide that your separation will not just be temporary, but permanent, then you’ll need to obtain a Final Judgment for Legal Separation, which is a mutual agreement between both parties.

Is This the Right Decision for You?

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