Psychological studies rate divorce as one of life’s highest stressors along with death of a loved one or a critical illness.  But these studies fail to tell you how to make it different.   Divorce has the unique quality of allowing you to make some choices—unlike death, which is final and totally out of your control.  When you become aware of the choices available you create an opportunity to reduce the difficulty of this life stressing predicament.
You will discover that your choices are as much a part of you as the breath you take.  You may have thought up to this point that in life a lot of things just happen along the way that you have no control over.   Learning to exercise choice from a place of knowing will empower you in making choices.
Why did you make the choices you did in the past?  You may want to know what choices you have made in the past to look at where you are and the life you have lived.  What you see is the choices you have made?  Some of you have chosen to make choices by accident without first gathering all the information needed.  Some of you have made choices in the heat of emotion that would probably have been better if left for some other day.   The sum total of the choices you make while you are in the divorcing process will determine how much easier your divorce will be.
Marriages end because of Irreconcilable Differences.  Wikipedia describes “Irrevocable Differences as, any sort of difference between the two parties that either cannot be changed or the individual does not want to change can be considered irreconcilable differences.”    Some states use the terms irremediable breakdown, irretrievable breakdown, or incompatibility. Marriages don’t start out with irreconcilable differences. If they did no one would ever marry.  So what happens? What changes?  Life does and life is ever changing.  The one thing you can count on is there will be change.  If you have decided that separating is inevitable and are looking for a divorce or legal separation, Family Law Center has the expertise and experience to help you through that process.