Child support orders are modifiable at any time the court deems that it is necessary.  This means that a Judgment cannot permanently exclude future child support or modification of child support.  Modification of child support is heard in the county court where the original child support order was filed, unless the venue has been changed.
The amount of support is generally set by a state-wide guideline. Child support can be modified to guideline at any time.
Keep in mind that until a new stipulated agreement is signed by the parties and filed with the court or a hearing set to modify child support, the existing child support amount and current order will remain in place. Therefore it is important to modify in writing your child support court order and file it with the court and not rely upon a verbal agreement with the other parent.
The easiest and least expensive way to modify child support is by stipulated court order agreement.
If for any reason you cannot reach a stipulated agreement to modify child support, you should file a motion with the court and request a modification of child support.
Carol F. Delzer, Attorney-Mediator, Marriage and Family Therapist.