Property Division

Property Division Attorney-Mediator

Property division is a major issue and can be one of the most complex aspects of a divorce, so hiring the right professional is critical. You need someone skilled in financial matters and accounting principles. Carol Delzer, Attorney mediator has  expertises ranging in accounting principles, divorce law, asset and debt division, real estate experience, and the ability to trace separate property.
Carol Delzer has been a licensed Real Estate Broker for over 40 years and is able to help you successfully divide a sizable real estate portfolio.

Separate Versus Community

California family law divides assets into two classifications: separate and community. Separate property is an asset that is determined to belong to a specific spouse. Community property is owned by both spouses. After the assets are classified, they are assigned a value. It is critical to have the right family law professionals when determining what category the property belongs in.
SEPARATE: Inheritances, gifts received during marriage, and property acquired before marriage or after separation are generally the acquiring spouse’s separate property and need not be divided.
COMMUNITY: The community property law divides assets, so that each party receives exactly half of the assets; however, at times it is difficult or even impossible to divide a particular asset, such as a house. Carol Delzer Mediator Attorney will present you with a variety of options that take into account these indivisible assets and will make sure you still receive an equal overall distribution of property.

Division of Retirement Accounts and QDROs
Dividing a retirement account at the time of divorce has many legal and tax risks associated with it. It is important to hire the right family law team who has experience in dividing retirement accounts and preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs).

High Asset Divorce Cases
When a couple has accumulated a significant amount of assets, it is critical that they obtain the right family law team to help divide them. These assets may include a large portfolio of real estate, a self-owned business, or a substantial stock portfolio. Learn More.

Complex Real Estate Division
Carol Delzer has experience in dividing large real estate portfolios. Carol has been a licensed Real Estate Broker for over 40 years and is able to help you successfully divide a sizable real estate portfolio.

Self Employed Business Owners
Determining the value of a business and establishing the rights of self-employed business owners at the time of divorce can be complex. Finding the right professional family law Mediator who understands the complexity of self-employed business owners and can help you is crucial.

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