Child Support

Child Support with a Confidential Mediator

Carol Delzer at Family Law Center, attorney-mediator is highly skilled at helping parents mediate a child support agreement.  There is no retainer, Carol will work with both parents, at her hourly rate, in a mediation session to help parents determine guideline child support and then Carol will prepare a Stipulation  (Agreement) for Child Support and file it with the family court.

What Is Child Support?

Simply put, child support is the amount of money that a court orders a parent, or both parents, to pay every month to help cover the cost of raising a minor child or children.

How Is It Calculated?

California family law has specific guidelines based on a strict formula that the family law court must follow when determining the amount of child support parents must pay. Several factors are taken into account including the net disposable income for each parent and the custody schedule or timeshare. These factors are entered into a California statutory guideline formula, but sometimes, a dispute occurs.

What Happens If I Disagree with the Support Amount?

The law allows parents to make alternative agreements as long as there are reasonable assurances that the children’s needs will be met. And if there is a conflict regarding the child support order, Carol Delzer at Family Law Center attorney-mediator will help you mediate and agree on a child support amount and prepare a family court order that serves your child’s best interests.

Can the Support Amount Be Modified at a Later Time?

Yes! If the agreement is different from the guideline child support amount, or there is a change in income or parenting time the support can be modified to follow the guideline.
If a modification of child support needs to be made, Carol Delzer will help you and the other parent determine child support in a mediated process, so you can make meaningful and informed decisions about your child’s future.

Contact Carol at Carol@FamilyLawCenter.US to schedule a Mediation session to determine a child support guideline amount.
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