Business Valuation when Business Owners Divorce

Your Business and Your Divorce – What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

Do you or your spouse own a business? If so, it is probably the largest asset in your marital estate. Business ownership can have a major impact on a divorcing couple’s overall marital estate in more ways than one.

How Much Is Your Business Worth?

That’s probably a hard question to answer. Of all the assets you have, your business may be the most difficult asset to put a value on. Since determining the value of a business is so complex, you need to begin thinking about it right away. Remember, that amount can have a significant impact when it comes to equally dividing your assets, and it can also affect both your child and spousal support as well.

Protecting Your Rights

If your business provides the primary source of income for your household, you’ll need a professional family law team that understands the complexity of self-employed business ownership. Business valuation is an intricate process, but the Certified Family Law Specialists at Family Law Center can help preserve your rights.

At Family Law Center, our attorney-mediators are certified by the State Bar of California, and they have the expert skills you need, including accounting principles, divorce law, asset and debt division, real estate experience, and the ability to trace separate property.

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