Divorce Mediation Services

What is mediation?

Divorce Mediation requires couples who are coming apart to work together with an attorney- mediator, who does not represent either party, but is a neutral and helps the two of you reach a settlement of all your legal issues.

My role as your divorce mediator is to empower you both with knowledge, explain the family law legal requirements, answer your questions, working with you together so you both are receiving the same information from a neutral (non-advocate).  I will guide your discussions, file all your family law court required documents, help you explore settlement alternatives, and resolve difficult conflicts.

How does the divorce mediation process work?

Together, you and your spouse will meet with me for a private confidential mediation session or a consultation.  I will help you complete and exchange the required information for the Disclosure Documents; explore ideas about various ways to divide your assets and debts; help you settle financial disputes; help you create a coparent plan that is in the best interest of your children; and help you determine an agreed child and spousal support, based on guidelines and all support factors.

The family law mediator will inform you of the law as it pertains to your situation, including property division and the calculation of child and spousal support.  This process allows you and your spouse to make decisions together, rather than having attorneys arguing your case in court before a judge.

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What are the advantages of mediation?

  • Mediation allows the you together, to obtain legal information from a neutral, non-adversarial attorney.
  • It is less expensive than traditional litigation, making it economically feasible for most couples.
  • Mediation will reduce a lot of the fears associated with divorce or legal separation.
  • You will not be required to make any court appearances – the mediator will prepare and process all the necessary divorce documents with family court for you.
  • Mediation avoids the polarization and hostility that often result from family court.
  • You are directly involved in the decision making process.
  • Mediation allows the couples to move at a mutually agreeable pace, usually taking a fraction of the time compared to court proceedings.
  • Mediation establishes a level of communication and cooperation between couples that is certain to pay dividends long into the future.
  • Mediation assists parties with children in transitioning from marital partners to parenting partners.
  • Mediation allows for the development of a parenting plan in everyone’s best interest, especially the children.
  • Is the mediator my attorney?

I am a licensed California attorney; however, in the role of your mediator, I am Not  acting as an attorney for either spouse, nor am I acting as an attorney for both of you. Instead, it is my role as your mediator to provide each of you, in the presence of the other, with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding legal issues.

Do I need an attorney?

I will prepare all the court documents you will need, including but not limited to: A Petition for Dissolution, A Summons with automatic orders, your Marital Settlement Agreement, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, if you are dividing a retirement plan and any other necessary court documents needed to obtain a divorce.

I always encourage my mediation clients to seek an independent attorney for consultation, advice, or further information if there are complex issues, such as tax considerations, valuation problems, conflict impasse, or for a review of legal agreements.

What is it going to cost?

The cost for divorce mediation is less expensive than any other professional legal option. I do not charge a retainer, you pay as you go and only for the services you request. I offer a 30 minute initial consultation for $75, my hourly rate is $400 thereafter. I prepare all court documents on a flat fee basis. More often than not clients agree to divide the mediation services.

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