Modification Of Child Custody

Child Custody Agreements Are Not Set in Stone

Situations and circumstances change, and you may need to modify your child custody agreement. Sometimes a family court order is necessary. In either case, you must take immediate action. This requires either modification by a fixed agreement or a new family court order.

In order to modify a custody order, you must show a changed circumstance – and prove that modifying the current order will be in your child’s best interest.

Reasons to Modify a Child Custody Agreement

A change of circumstance in any of the following areas may be suitable grounds for modifying your child custody agreement:

  • There have been significant changes in how much time the child in the case spends with each parent
  • One parent has moved out of the area and the parent plan needs modification
  • The child’s needs have changed and there are more (or less) costs for child care, health care, and/or education.

What If a Parent Is Moving Away?

If either parent requests a move-away order for the child, the court’s greatest concern is the child’s best interest. The moving parent must prove to the court that this change is in the minor child’s best interest. The other parent may also provide evidence to show how relocating might negatively impact the child.

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