Parental Relocation / Moving-Away

Is your job requiring you to relocate? Or perhaps you’d like to move closer to your family? If one parent wants or needs to move out of the area with the children, the moving parent generally must obtain permission from the court before the children are free to move. This can be a very tricky process because of the court’s interest in affording minor children regular contact with and access to both parents. Please don’t wait till the last minute to seek guidance.

Long Distance Co-parenting Considerations

  • How will each parents time change and how the children will maintain continuous and frequent contact with both parents?
  • How to divide the holiday and school vacations?
  • What mode of transportation will the children use to travel from each parents home?
  • Who will pay for the transportation and who will make the reservations?
  • How the long distant parent will stay in touch with the minor children?
  • How coparents will exchange information about the children’s health, school and extra curricular activities?

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