Same-Sex Divorce Mediation Services

In California, if you have a registered domestic partnership and wish to divorce or end the relationship, you need to file a dissolution of domestic partnership. This is the same process as a divorce or legal separation. One party is the petitioner, and the other party is the respondent. The petitioner files for dissolution of partnership with a summons and has someone else serve the papers on the respondent.

You can dissolve the marriage and partnership at the same time if you are both married and registered as domestic partners. If your partnership has been registered less than five years, and you have no children or real property, you may be able to file a notice of termination instead, but this is a limited option and would not dissolve a marriage.

Remember, if you are in a same-sex marriage or domestic partnership and are thinking about divorce, you should consider having an experienced attorney-mediator help the two of you work together to come apart.  Determining parentage, custody, and visitation can be particularly complex for same-sex couples. You should discuss these challenging issues with a family law mediator who is familiar with and sensitive to the issues that affect your family.

Same-Sex Mediation

If you are unable to reach an agreement, you must take your case to family court and ask a judge to help you settle things. But the litigation process can be time-consuming, costly, and emotionally draining. Carol Delzer attorney-mediator at Family Law Center has experience with and takes pride in serving the LGBT community. As a qualified representative who can help resolve disputes outside of court and help you avoid costly litigation.


Same-Sex Division of Assets, Property, and Debt

In California, the rules are the same for all couples when it comes to dividing property and determining child and spousal support. If you agree on these important issues, you can file a domestic partnership or marital settlement agreement in family court with a judgment for dissolution of domestic partnership and/or marriage. Reaching an agreement is just part of it.  You need help to deal with the court mandated paper work and process.  Carol Delzer has prepared and filed with family courts over 1000 Judgments.  Let her help you make this process easier and in the end less expensive.

Same-Sex Uncontested Divorce Services

An uncontested divorce may mean that you both generally agree on the issues in your divorce, such as spousal support and the division of property. In situations like this, there is nothing to fight over, or, perhaps, one party is simply not contesting the divorce in any way. Sometimes one party will not even file a response, which allows the petitioner to request that a default judgment be entered. Using a mediator to help draft the agreement, file all the court papers with the court will releave a lot of stress in one of lifes most stressful experiences, divorce.

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