Taking Charge of Emotions during divorce before they take charge of you.
In this School of Life, most of us experience a relationship breakup as one of our greatest challenges and lessons. Even if we do not consider ourselves “emotional,” Divorce can activate a whole hoard of painful, confusing, sometimes out-of-control emotions. Operating out of highly intense emotions renders it difficult, if not impossible, to make important decisions about your divorce
For many, it takes a significant period of time to fully process all of the emotions during divorce, to feel “complete” with what has happened. As with any life crisis, most healthy adults will eventually come to new understandings, releasing or lessening painful emotions to move on in life. But, until we let go of some of those emotions, they can toss us around, pushing us to say and do things we will regret later when we are more calm, cool and collected.
The problem is that the divorce process, with all of its decisions and choices and negotiations, more often than not happens before these emotions can be fully processed.
Finding support at the time of Divorce is the most important thing you can do.  At Family Law Center we work  with clients on managing their divorce process as well as finding the support needed to support the divorce emotions.
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