I thought you were extremely helpful and explained the situation, different options and their results well.
- Nathan

To me, going through your service made the divorce process a lot easier to handle and more cost effective. I am very happy with the outcome of the divorce and how everything turned out. For me, the process was a lot less stressful and easier to handle by going through your service. Thank you very much for all your help.
- Leslie M.

Thank you for your professionalism and calm efficiency.
- Barb
Your service was exceptional, along with your staff. I will definitely refer you to others. Thanks again.
- Carl F.
I want to thank you Carol and your staff for your professionalism. You moved swiftly and made things comfortable for my ex and I. I have referred you to a friend. Thanks again.
- Robert G.

Prompt, professional and fair. Even though divorce is painful, mediation made the process easier and more affordable. Thank you for your services.
- Thomas R.
I am not only satisfied with your services to me, I am pleased with them! Compared to existing alternatives, your approach is vastly smoother an desirable! Thanks!
- Pam
Carol Delzer and her staff treated me with respect and compassion following the death of my husband. This speaks highly of their professionalism and their understanding. During the mediation process, they were fair and always responded in a timely fashion. I would recommend the family law center to others.
- Susan

Your staff was outstanding during a horrible situation. Thank you!
Excellent guidance on how to split assets. Very courteous. Entire staff was great and very helpful. Quick response and turn around on settlement documentation. Thank you.
Even though the mediation was painful and emotional, I think our settlement ended up being fair. Carol and staff were highly professional and caring and made going through a difficult time that much easier. Thanks for your guidance and help.
- Ed W.

We should have come to you earlier! Professional, fair and totally efficient!
- Richard G.