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On-Line Divorce Dangers- When faced with a divorce where do you go? Divorce Busters online?  Or do you use the internet to instruct you on How to do your own divorce?  Have you seen advertisements on the internet about how easy divorce can be through use of the internet? The internet may seem like an easy inexpensive way to proceed, but what is the truth and what are the risks you are taking?
You may think you are saving money and may believe you can move the divorce process faster, but in reality you may end up losing both time and money by using an online internet divorce process.
There are several steps that are required to complete a legal divorce.  This is true even when both parties agree on everything from child custody, support to splitting assets and/or debts.
Often the internet instruction do not capture the local court rules as well as the state court rules and inadvertently leave out necessary court required steps to have a completed divorce.  Or if you complete the divorce there are assets or debts omitted or awarded improperly resulting in an incomplete or void court ordered marital settlement agreement or judgment for dissolution.  Then when you go to correct it you incur more cost and time.  That is if the divorce settlement or divorce judgment can be corrected! Hiring a family law attorney to repair mistakes may easily be more complex, costly and time consuming than it would have been to just hire a family law attorney or mediator who knows what they are doing to prepare the proper court documents based on all the court rules and follow the necessary legal steps in obtaining your divorce.
You still have options when hiring a family law mediator or divorce attorney.  Choosing an experienced attorney or mediator is important.  Don’t assume cheap is good when it comes to your divorce.  An experienced attorney or mediator can be well worth the money and actually save you money, time and stress in the long run.
To consider the many divorce options read Carol Delzer’s book; “Divorce Done Easier”  there is an entire chapter dedicated to Divorce Options.  Also consider going to a Divorce Options class provided by the Collaborative Practice Group of California.