The parent-child relationship is one of the most important, life-changing bonds you’ll ever have. Making wise decisions regarding parenting is critical for you and your children.
Collaborative co-parenting is something parents will benefit from learning – to parent together even when the other parent has differing views on how to raise a child. For families of divorce, children often become innocent victims of the tension and resentment between the parents. Collaborative co-parenting can change that situation by providing parents with constructive tools to use in building positive child custody and visitation plans.
The collaborative co-parenting approach means finding a way to work with your co-parent with dignity and respect. What was once a personal relationship becomes more like a business relationship wherein both parties set aside personal feelings for the benefit of the children. Collaborative co-parents learn to develop strategies for conflict management and to establish a stable routine for the children via a collaborative child custody and visitation parenting plan. During divorce, children need to look to both parents for guidance and support. Collaborative co-parenting reduces the negative environment for the children and improves the health of the entire family.
The Collaborative Co-parenting website offers an 8-week online course on how to support and nurture your children during divorce and how to avoid the mistakes of others. This is your opportunity to give your children the chance to look back on these years as a happy period touched by divorce, rather than a childhood devastated by it.
If you feel the road you are on right now with your co-parent is rocky or you want to learn more ideas for collaborative co-parenting, then visit Collaborative Co-parenting online.