Two common questions people ask when thinking about getting a divorce are:  if we choose divorce mediation, how long will it take and how much will it cost?
How Long Will It Take?
The length of mediation is largely dependent on the complexity of the issues involved and the degree to which both parties are willing to compromise. A typical case might require three or four two-hour mediation sessions spread out of a period of one or two months. If the case is more complicated, mediation can take up to six months.
With mediation there aren’t court schedules to consider or divorce attorneys communicating back and forth, so the parties involved can negotiate quicker and take a more expedited path to divorce.
How Much Will It Cost?
Every case is different, but an average mediation can cost a combined total of between $2,500 and $10,000 depending upon the number of mediation sessions needed, and documents needed.. This would include the mediation sessions, preparation of the Marital Settlement Agreement and the preparation, of the Petition/Judgment including and division of retirements with a QDRO.
Both parties are encouraged to have a consulting attorney review the agreement and judgment which would be an additional cost. However, mediation is still two to ten times less expensive than hiring attorneys to handle the divorce from start to finish.
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